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Administrators, teachers, students and parents can monitor toggling (grading) history in DART. Using the toggle history, you can see who was the last to enter data, what comments were left for students, and what subjects presented the greatest challenges. Note that viewing the toggle or recording history is not the same as toggling itself.

To see toggle history by student

You will find toggle history by searching for students and then clicking the History link on each of the student's content area reports.

1. Point to Students, and then click Search for Students.


2. On the DART System Search page, enter the search criteria. If you know the student's name, that is the best place to start.


3. Click Search.

4. Click the student's name whose information you would like to see.


5. On the Individual View page, scroll to the content area you want to view, and then click History. Note that you can see some of the most recent information, such as the last person to update the student's information.


You will see the Entire History page. This page includes all changes made to the students academic record. This information remains with the student, even if he or she transfers to another school.


Note that the content is represented in chronological order with the most recent change showing at the top. You will see what changes were recorded, when they were recorded, and by whom they were recorded.

To view more specific data

You can also view more specific data on the Toggle page.

1. On the Entire History page, use the lists to narrow down data by several criteria:

For example, if you only want to view the records for the Reading content area from level 4, you would select those criteria from the lists.

2. Select the option(s) you would like to use, and then click Submit Query.


You will see your more detailed toggle history.

To view all toggle history

Administrators can also view toggle history from the Admin menu. Note that this history will show all toggle information, whereas the teacher toggle history shows the history for specific students.

1. Point to Admin, and under Users, click History Toggle.


Note that this is different than in the older DART, where you would click History Toggle from the side menu under Admin Area.


You will see the Entire History page.


2. In the Start and End date boxes, type the dates that you want to view. Note that you can use a calendar to select these dates which will open when you click in the boxes.


3. In the Site list, select the school you want to view; or, you can select District Wide, Admin, or Private.


4. In the Toggle Type list, specify the toggle type if necessary. You can view by comments or by standards.


5. Next select the Users and Students you wish to toggle.

6. You can specify your toggle history further by content area and level, if you wish.


7. When you have entered the information you wish to use for the history, click Submit Query.


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