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The following list presents an abbreviated description of the path the Bering Strait School District has followed on the journey toward becoming a standards-based system.

1990-1992 District Curriculum Steering Committee surveys stakeholders to gather input on what all BSSD students should know and be able to do upon graduation Key concerns expressed by stakeholders • Preparing students for life after high school • Consistent academic expectations and outcomes across the district • A more concrete starting point for incoming teachers


Work begins on first BSSD Strategic Plan Highlights • Education Programs will move forward based on research • Strategic Planning Teams select a performance based approach

1994 • Movement to a performance/standards based system is proposed • State Department of Education announces plans to develop a standards and performance based system

1995 • State Department of Education develops standards in the areas of reading, writing, and math • Investigation by BSSD continues to support change to a standards-based system State and BSSD Similarities Include • Consistent set of student learning standards • Demonstrated mastery of the material

1996 • C.O.R.E. Team develops the first set of BSSD Standards based on National and/or State standards in • • • • Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies • BSSD teachers write performance tasks for all BSSD content areas and levels

1997 • BSSD sites investigate and select SFA as a means for improving student achievement SFA aligned with BSSD Strategic Plan and Standards Based Education • Research Based • Meets student needs at their identified instructional level • Students progress to higher level based on demonstrated achievement • Provides a means of standardizing learning standards and level of expectations across the district

1998 • All second graders are expected to master BSSD standards and assessments before moving to third grade • All teachers are asked to begin utilizing developed BSSD standards and assessments in their classrooms

1999 • BSSD Regional Board of Education formally adopts State Standards in Reading, Writing, and Math • BSSD creates a district wide Planning Team that begins work on the second Strategic Plan

2000 • BSSD Regional Board of Education approves the Action Plans outlined by the 2000 Strategic Plan Relevant 2000-2005 Action Plan Highlights • Align standards with state-mandated assessments • Develop a single document containing all aligned standards, assessments, and instructional models • Create and revise multiple performance tasks for standards involving as many teachers as possible • Create a comprehensive communication plan involving all stakeholders regarding standards • Create content area standing committees to collect and disseminate information • Create a system for collecting student work samples documenting student achievement • Create guidelines for students progressing through levels of standards including a plan for students who do • not pass HSGQE

2001 • BSSD continues to develop the framework that will allow the implementation of a standards based system across the district

2002 • The Curriculum and Instruction Committee adopts by consensus the Alaska Quality Schools Model as BSSD’s vehicle to switch to a standards driven system • BSSD officially joins the Alaska Quality Schools Coalition 2002 Summer Standards Institute • BSSD team of 20 meet in Anchorage to discuss/receive training in AQSM • The SSI Team analyzes the work done by all AQSM districts to date • By consensus the group selects the Chugach School District’s 2001 standards as a starter set for BSSD SSI Team recognizes that the BSSD version of AQSM and CSD standards must be reviewed and revised regularly to meet our students needs

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