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Standard in Kid Friendly Language

I can use digital communication responsibly.

Unpacked Standard

I can send and receive email with attachments.

I understand the size limitations of attachments in the email program I use.

I can explain proper email etiquette and safety.

  1. Formal vs. informal email
  2. Business expectations
  3. Viruses

I can explain when "chat" language is appropriate and in appropriate, and why.

I can explain why making a proper "impression" in the digital world is important.

I can explain the importance of keeping passwords and personal information private.

I know that what I write in electronic communication can be traced back to me

Advanced I can contribute pictures to gallery.

I can use a moodle to post classwork.

Project suggestions

Lesson for entire standard
  1. Create an email account if you do not have one
  2. Send emails with attachments to the teacher and other students in the class
  1. Go to the following link Email Etiquette
  2. Read all of the information and then you will need to pass a quiz about email etiquette
  1. Post a detailed summary of 2 of the email etiquette rules discussed in this standard

Assessment Suggestions

Students list proper etiquette for using digital communication - this could be listed in a blog, moodle, wiki, or class chat.

Teacher watches student doing the standard


Try/adapt this student tracking sheet to help your student document their progress.

Watch this video Think Before You Post with your students. It shows how what you post on the internet lasts "forever".

Email etiquette

Blog etiquette

Blogs in Education Created by the Instructional Technology Center at the University of Houston at Clear Lake, this site is designed to provide you some resources if you want to get started using blogs for yourself or with your students

http://www.blogger.com/start Start your class blog-quick, easy and tons of fun!

BSSD E-mail

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