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Standard in Kid Friendly Language

I can explain the role of file heirarchy by creating a file structure (hierarchy) on file server and saving in and deleting it.

Standards Unpacked

I can explain what a file hierarchy is.

I can create a file hierarchy to help me organize my files. (For example: folders for writing, social studies, etc.)

I can save a file to a specific folder in my new file hierarchy.

I can explain the importance of unique names when saving, and explain what can happen if file names are not unique.

I understand that the trash is a folder that must be emptied to have the items deleted.

I understand that applications belong in the applications folder, not on the desktop.

I can explain the postive aspects of setting up a file hierarchy.

I can save, move and delete files in a variety of ways.


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Try/adapt this student tracking sheet to help your students document their progress

Mac OS X 10.3 File Management

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