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The Data Analysis and Report Toolkit, or DART, is an open source student information system created by the Bering Strait School District in Alaska. DART has several tasks for different user types, including teachers, parents, and administrators. You can find a breakdown of user roles and tasks on the User roles page. However, before you begin on user tasks, this page contains some information on using and navigating DART.

To login to DART

1. In the Username box, type your username.

2. In the Password box, type your password.

3. Click Login.


To navigate DART

Once you login, you will see both top navigation and left-hand side navigation; this is different in the updated version of DART. In the previous version, all items were located on the left hand side.


In the new version of DART, you will find tasks related to your personal account, to DART groups, to students, and to administrative tasks in the top navigation.


To change your password

1. Point to Home, and then click Change Your Password.


2. In the Old Password box, type your old password.

3. In the New Password box, type your new password.


4. Retype your password in the appropriate box, and then click Update.

To view your dashboard

1. Point to Home, and then click Dashboard.


Note that this is different than in the old version of DART, where the Dashboard was listed under the DART Info menu.


After clicking Dashboard, you will see your dashboard


2. Use the lists to change the site (school), the quarter, and the year of data.


Note that you can click attendance items to view detailed data.


To get help with DART

1. Point to DART and select one of three support options:



The support link goes to the DART system wiki page. You will find links to other wiki documentation pages as well as help pdfs.


The contact link goes to the DART system wiki page. You will find contact information such as email and physical addresses.

Project Info

The project info link goes to the DART system wiki page. You will find information on the project, the project timeline, documentation, and more. 

To logout of DART

1. Point to Home, and then click Logout.


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