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School Info

Hogarth Kingeekuk Sr. Memorial School

PO Box 200

Savoonga, AK 99769

phone: 907-984-6811


Student Population is well over 200. There are 18 teachers, one full time principal and one assistant principal (that teaches some). Savoonga School is a K-12 school with many of the classes being multi graded. The school is part of the Bering Strait School District. The school uses the Bering Strait School District standards based model to instruct students. The school is standards based school and really does not have grades. The school participates in NYO, basketball, battle of the books, wrestling, cheerleading, volleyball, cross country skiing, FTA, and many other activities. The school is bilingual with most classified staff and many students speaking the traditional language of St. Lawrence Island Siberian Yupik.

The village will be getting a new school in the summer of 2007 (when it will start construction) to be completed in about a year. The current school is very crowded, so the village is very happy to be getting a new school. The village and school staff are happy with all of the hard work the district has put into making sure funding from the state was available.

School Website

Hogarth Kingeekuk Sr. Memorial School Website

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