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Name _________________

5 Paragraph Essay on Hospital

Writing, level _____

Start date_____ End date ______

This is a basic 5 paragraph essay. It's purpose is to explain to someone else the things you like, don't like, and want fixed about a problem or area you know about.

Check when you have it done:

____ On a blank piece of paper, draw a comparison graph about the old hospital, the post office, community hall, etc. Label one side "Things I liked" and the other side "Things I don't like" Make sure to put at least 5 things on each side.

Your paper needs to have 5 paragraphs:

_____ Introduction: Grab their attention, and then tell them that you will be explaining in this paper what you liked about the old hospital, what you didn’t like, and what you want fixed.

Body of the paper:

_____ One paragraph about what you liked about the old hospital. Be specific. Remind them that these things were working, and you would like them kept.

_____Spend one paragraph telling me what you didn’t like about the old hospital. Don’t name call, be honest, and nice. And be precise. Don’t just say: “I don’t like hospitals,” say “I didn’t like the chairs in the waiting room, they were uncomfortable”

_____ One paragraph about what you would like to see in the new one. Tell them how to fix the problems you brought up in the last paragraph.

_____ Conclusion: Wrap up all your points. Bring it to a nice ending. Don’t leave anything unresolved.

____ Have someone else read your paper, looking for problems with your facts.

____ Have someone else read your paper, looking for problems with grammer and punctuation. Have the initial here: ____

____ Write a final copy and turn everything in.

Essay writing guide with short descriptions of major types of essays.

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