How to Create Audio Files Using Garage Band

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Step 1: Go to the Applications folder and open Garage Band

SHH09 Applications Garage Band.png

Step 2: Select "Create a New Music Project"

SHH09 GarageBandNewProject.png

Step 3: Choose a name for your project. A good name might be the Inupiaq word you are going to record. Type the name and click "Create."

SHH09 GarageBandNamingFileatBeginning.png

Step 4: Turn off the Metronome. Go to "Control" and click on "Metronome" so that it is unchecked.

SHH09 garagebandgetridofmetronome.png

Step 5: Go to "Track" and select "New Track"

SHH09 garagebandaddinganewtrack.png

Step 6: You are not a piece of software, so select "Real Instrument"

SHH09 garagebandchoosingrealinstrument.png

Step 7: Select "Vocals" and "No Effects"

SHH09 garagebandselectingeffectsforvocals2.png

Step 8: Use the red button to start recording. Press the red button again to stop recording. Press the play button to hear your recording. Record until you're happy with the way it sounds.

SHH09 garagebandredbuttonforrecording.png

Step 9: Save your project by going to "File" and clicking "Save."

SHH09 garagebandhowtosave.png

Step 10: Click on "Share" and "Export Song to Disk."

SHH09 garagebandexportingsoundfile.png

Step 11: Make sure it's set to MP3 and High Quality.

SHH09 garagebandhowtochoosemp3.png

Step 12: Make sure the name of your file is correct. Save it to your preferred location.

SHH09 garagebandrenamingfileattheend.png

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