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This page is for planning and the inservice workshop on the Inupiaq Dictionary


Welcome to the Inupiaq Dictionary Project

Checklist for Adding Words to the Inupiaq Dictionary

Project Ideas

Steve Robert MaryMabelLynda
Fred DebKaren Brian Pam

To create a wikipage for your project, simply click on your name, then enter {{IDproject}} into the edit box and follow the directions.

Suggestions for Integrating Inupiaq and Yupik Words Into Other Content Areas

Culture in a Box Project

TundraPics PhotoBlog

Language Dictionary Project Ideas

Language Dictionary Standards

More project Ideas: Check out the UAF Project Jukebox!

The UAF Jukebox has an amazing collection of digital information to use for project ideas.
Take a look at this huge project, and try to imagine some scaled down ideas that might be appropriate for your classroom
Any of these projects would be a great resource to link to the Language Dictionaries
You can use the Language Dictionaries as starter ideas for your projects too.

Session Wrap-up

Sharing out Introduce Alaska 2.0

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