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Dragon Dictation (free)

ShowMe (free)

Draw Free (free)

ABC Song ($0.99)

ABC Phonics (free)

ABC Alphabet Phonics Matching ($0.99)

Learn ABC; It's Munch Time ($1.99)

ABC-eater ($0.99)

Toddler Flashcards ($1.99)

Montessori Counting Board ($0.99)

ABC Expedition ($2.99)

Build A Story (3.99)

LAZ Level A Library (6.99) - There are multiple libraries of books, this is just the first.

Mad Libs (free)

Sadun's Whiteboard (2.99)

Frosty Welcome (free)

Puppet Pals HD (free)

USA Today (free)

Shake-n-Spell (free)

Wild about Books! (4.99)

Middle and High School

Declaration for iPad (free)

SAT Vocab Cards (free)

Poem Flow (free)

Newspapers for iPad (0.99)

iTranslate (free)

Free Books (free)

Shakespeare Pro (9.99)

Goodreads (free)

iFound Poetry (1.99)

SoundNote (4.99)

Websites with Multiple App Listings

38 Sites on Using iPads in the Classroom

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