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BSSD Standards Addressed

Technology 5.12 - Uses Spreadsheets - Identifies basic components of a spreadsheet and uses functions to analyze data in real life situations. If you do not wish to have students work on this standard, visit the Race Statistics page and pull out the average mph between checkpoints.

Math 7.16 - Complex Charts/Graphs - Interprets and explains a variety of displays (using charts, circle graphs, frequency distributions, stem-and-leaf plots, scatter plots, and box-and-whisker plots with appropriate scales.

Math 7.17 - Mean, median, mode, range - Determine mean, median, mode from graphs and charts to analyze the validity of data.

Math 8.23 - Create graph, table, chart - Samples and records data, creating graphs, tables and charts from collected data with and without technology (histograms, scatter plots, frequency distribution, linear equations).

Math 8.24 - Justify measure of central tendency - Makes projections and analyzes the validity of real-world data and justify the choice of mean, median and mode as the best measure of central tendency.


Materials Needed



Students should have a working knowledge of mean, median and mode from Math Level 5.

Evaluation/ Rubric

Teacher Notes

This lesson still needs work to flesh it out and your students findings may differ based upon which musher(s) they pick. More than anything, this lesson may turn into a discussion of externalities how they affect correlations.




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