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Level 5 Technology Standards


Standard in Kid Friendly Language

I can import images and video.


Project suggestions

A Multi-Standard/Multi-Content Area Science Fair Project (Includes L2-4)

School or classroom newsletters

Making a poster using a digital picture for an upcoming event at school

Adding Photos to a Word Document

Using Comic Life for a writing assignment about non writing content areas

Photo Blogs

Class collection of photos for "A Year in Review"

Photos of village events uploaded to websites.

Helping add photos to gallery during a district event at your school.

Photo biography of a elder in your community.

Taking pictures of your friends and then turining it into an imovie.

Making a photo postcard cd to be sent to another school.

We walked around the school with a camera, took snap shots and video of students, staff, and some patents. We also did a little of community, added music, and jokes. Put credit at the very end

Take pictures and use the pictures to build a power point presentation.

Import music into an ipod using itunes

5.10 Importing Digital Media (video and pictures)
  1. Use the school or personal video equipment and create an iMovie project.
  2. This iMovie project can be related to other subjects and projects
  3. This standard can be covered while working on 5.2 and 5.8

Assessment Suggestions

Build in digital pictures or videos as part of a projects rubric for a non tech content area.


Iphoto video tutorials

imovie import and edit video tutorial

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