Industrial Technology

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Industrial Technology

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Shop 1

This is the original File

Thoreson IT1.png

Thoreson IT1a.png

Thoreson IT1b.png

Thoreson IT1c.png

Small Engine Repair

Brian Marvin, NACTEC

Marvin Small Engines1.png

Marvin Small Engines2.png

Marvin Small Engines3.png

Marvin Small Engines4.png

File:Marvin Small Engines5.png

Marvin Small Engines6.png

Marvin Small Engines7.png

Marvin Small Engines8.png

Marvin Small Engines9.png

Marvin Small Engines10.png

Marvin Small Engines11.png

Marvin Small Engines12.png

Marvin Small Engines13.png

Marvin Small Engines14.png

Marvin Small Engines15.png

Marvin Small Engines16.png

Marvin Small Engines17.png

Marvin Small Engines18.png

Marvin Small Engines19.png

Marvin Small Engines20.png

Marvin Small Engines21.png

Marvin Small Engines22.png

Marvin Small Engines23.png

Marvin Small Engines24.png

Marvin Small Engines25.png

Marvin Small Engines26.png

Marvin Small Engines27.png

Marvin Small Engines28.png

Marvin Small Engines29.png

Marvin Small Engines30.png

Marvin Small Engines31.png


Reid Tulloch, UNK

Tulloch Construction.png

Metals Fabrication

Reid Tulloch, UNK

Tulloch Metals.png

OFW_Oxy-Fuel Welding

Brian Marvin, NACTEC

Marvin SMAW Syllabus.png

Marvin SMAW Syllabus1a.png

Marvin SMAW Syllabus1b.png

Marvin Metal Cutting1.png

Marvin Metal Cutting2.png

Diesel Engine repair

John Lycan, KTS

Woodworking Skills

Joel Gerweck/Wayne Nassuk, KKA

General Woods

John Thoreson, SHH

Thoreson General Woods1.png

Thoreson General Woods2.png

Thoreson General Woods3.png

Thoreson General Woods4.png

Basic Metals

John Thoreson, SHH

Thoreson Basic Metals.png

File:Thoreson Basic Metals1.png

Thoreson Basic Metals2.png

Thoreson Basic Metals3.png

Thoreson Basic Metals4.png

Thoreson Basic Metals5.png

Thoreson Basic Metals6.png

Thoreson Basic Metals7.png

Welding/Machine Shop-SMAW

Intro to Carpentry

Wayne Nassuk, KKA

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