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Understands the rise and fall of at least three Ancient Civilizations and can explain their lasting contributions. Include both Eastern and Western Empires.


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Internet, The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, teachers tub of & Wonders of the World, and World Cultures text books. Watched The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World movie and took some notes on each different wonder, and also drew a picture on how they looked.

Super Fun Free Clip Art Great collection of free clip art that includes ancient civilizations and ancient wonders of the world.


Sphynx Paper Toy Printout for a cut/fold/glue model of the Sphynx

Hieroglyphs Alphabet From the PBS website, so the accuracy is probably better than at other sites. Can be printed off to assist students in writing their own names.

Blank Cartouche Can be printed out for students to create their own cartouches with the above hieroglyphs alphabet.

Photos of King Tut's Tomb Gallery of images detailing King Tut's Tomb. Included 93 pages of images!!!!


Asian Bamboo Painting Lesson plan from Project ARTiculate. Students learn about the tradition of Asian painting and calligraphy. They practice brushstrokes and create traditionally mounted and stamped paintings.

Great Wall of China Slideshow of still images. Pink Floyd song as audio "Another Brick in the Wall." If you're sensitive to the lyrics "we don't need no education," you probably want to find another video...


Highlights of Japan Two and a half minutes of Japan video highlights set to Japanese music.

Sumo Wrestling National Geographic video explaining sumo wrestling. Just over two minutes long.

Asian Bamboo Painting Lesson plan from Project ARTiculate. Students learn about the tradition of Asian painting and calligraphy. They practice brushstrokes and create traditionally mounted and stamped paintings.

Ancient Rome:

BBC Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome Intro Includes the legend of Romulus and Remus.

Printable Roman Worksheets


Mayan Website Includes information about places, people, and beliefs.


Before the Incas Came.

Machu Picchu It's about 2 minutes long. Tells about Machu Picchu.

Cuzco, Ancient Capital of the Inca Emire, Peru It's 2 minutes long. I like this video because it shows a lot of Inca and its a new place to look at.




Looked at the new options for different Wonders of the World. Each student chose one and had to write why they wanted that object to be the new wonder of the world.

Ancient Egypt

Mummifying a Chicken Photoset detailing the steps to mummifying a chicken.

Mummifying a Chicken in a Classroom Detailed photos and instructions for mummifying chickens in a classroom of students.

SHH Chicken Mummies

Rinse the chickens off with water.

SHH08 Rinsing Chicken.jpg

Make the chickens dance (optional).

SHH08 Dancing Chicken.jpg

Dry the chickens with paper towels inside and out!

SHH08 Drying Chicken.jpg

Place the chicken in a ziploc bag and fill the inside cavity with salt.

SHH08 Filled With Salt.jpg

Fill the bag up all the way with salt. SHH08 Filling With Salt.jpg

Seal the bag REALLY WELL!

SHH08 Seal the Bag.jpg

Put the bag inside another bag. Label the outside bag with your chicken's mummy name.

SHH08 Double Bagged.jpg

We changed the salt after a few days because it was looking really wet. This is what the chickens looked like after a few days of drying in the salt.

SHH08 Drying Chicken1.jpg

It's a smelly job, so you may want to protect yourself.

SHH08 Chicken Mask.jpg

Put the chickens in news bags and fill the body cavities with new salt.

SHH08 Chicken Second Salt Filling .jpg

Fill up the bag with new salt. Completely cover the chicken.

SHH08 Chicken Filling Up Salt Again.jpg

SHH Chicken Mummy Details

Ancient China

Papermaking. The Chinese made some of the first paper.

We started by choosing pieces from our paper scrap box.

Paper Scraps.jpg

We tore the paper into little pieces.

Tearing Paper.jpg

We mixed the pieces in a blender with a lot of water to make paper pulp.

Blending Paper.jpg

We poured the pulp into a container and added more water.

Paper Pulp.jpg

We strained the pulp using screens made out of cheesecloth and plastic frames.

Straining Pulp.jpg

We pressed the excess water out of the pulp on the screen. Then we carefully pulled the pulp off the screen and let it dry on wax paper. The next day we wrote Chinese symbols on our paper to help make this bulletin board:

Paper Bulletin Board.jpg

Closeups of our Writing:

Writing Example.jpg Writing Example2.jpg Writing Example3.jpg

We followed the process documented in this tutorial: How to Make Paper Tutorial. We had to improvise with materials, but the process worked well.


Egyptian Masks Fairly involved project where students design and create Egyptian masks. Includes directions and photos.

Egyptian Pyramids A good video but at the middle it gets weird for a second. It's still worth watching.



Class is divided into teams representing different Greek cities. A group of students volunteers to be the judges.


200m run (this was the shortest distance the Greeks raced. Consider shortening the race for a younger class.)

Long Jump- allow fifteen feet of running room before the jump

Discus throw- with frisbees

Cities choose someone to represent them in each event.

Judges give "olive leaves" as prizes. (We printed ours off from this site: Olive Wreaths 0 Judges can judge using whatever criteria they choose. Winners do not have to be the fastest, farthest, etc.

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