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JN4 Journalism ELI

JN4.1 Journalistic style: Able to write in a journalistic style (i.e. including the 5 W's and key events), producing a minimum of 4 proficient samples

JN4.2 Media forms: Able to document events through various forms of media: written notes, photographs, and audio recording

JN4.3 Graphic design: Able to use graphic design programs to create and use a newspaper layout

JN4.4 Exhibits flexibility: Able to exhibit flexibility with time outside of school to attend events and/or schedule interviews

JN4.5 Organizational responsibility: Able to responsibly take orders from and give progress reports to the editor-in-chief (teacher) regarding assignments

JN4.6 Working collaboratively: Able to work collaboratively with co-workers (classmates)

CE17 Video Technology

CE17.1 Demonstrate effective use of video and digital camera

CE17.2 Create storyboard

CE17.3 Import digital media

CE17.4 Build movie from video clips and photos


Students will know parts of a camera and purpose

Students will understand the concepts of photography:

Student will display competency with Photoshop:

Student will create two yearbook pages:

Literary Magazine

Electronic Preparation:


Physical Creation:

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