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Koyuk Malimuit School

<p>PO Box 53009
Koyuk, Alaska 99753



Community Information

The poplulation of Koyuk is around 333 (2010). It is Located on the southwestern part of the Seward Peninsula.Koyuk is home to mostly Inupiaq Natives. Another distinguishing factor that places Koyuk on the map for most "lower 48ers" and Alaskans alike would be the checkpoint it serves for the Iditarod trail. Koyuk is part of the Bering Strait Native Corporation, which has it's headquarters in Nome. Koyuk, like most villages in the area, has 3 main entities, the IRA, City, and Koyuk Native Corporation. Our Koyuk School is full of happiness! We have a lot of things to do here and to do inside of the school. We can play games, and have an epic time! For instance, we play baseball, basket ball, swimming, swing, play on the playground. We have a short number of stores. They are: The Koyuk Native Store, The Native Corporation, East End Store, and Corinne's video store. The Koyuk Native Store and The Native Corporation are on the west end of town and East End Store and Corinne's are on the east end of town. Corinne's video store has a lot of food and drinks for people to buy... she also has a few toys for the younger ones to look at, she also sales a type of food called a mabel wrap, thats the most popular food in her store..Koyuk, Alaska is a beautiful, wonderful, awesome, lovely place! -Robert (age:13) Koyuk is a small place with loving caring families.(Jeanae)you people should come here to Koyuk its a beautiful place!. 

Weather Information

Koyuk, Alaska is very cold during the winter. The temperature goes down to below zero. During the summer it can get up to 50-60's sometimes in the low 70's. The snow gets up to 4-5 inches deep.

Local Businesses

We have two stores that operate like convenience stores, which are "Corp" and Native Store. In addition, Corrine's Videos offers employment to high school students, also her hours are; Sun-Thurs 6:00p.m. and Fri-Sat 6:00 p.m.-12:00a.m. Next we have Bob's store. They're open From 11am to 10pm on Sunday-Thursday. And Friday and Saturday 11am-12am.

Post Office Hours

Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:30pm

Not open on the weekends

Koyuk-Malemute School Information

Koyuk Malemute School is attended by 100+ students. The grades range from kindergarden to 12 grade. Koyuk School has a new program. It is called the Malemute C.O.R.R.E (Culture of Respect and Responsibility for Everyone) court. This program was founded by Highland Tech. We think that it will help us become more closer to our peers. What it does is if you get in trouble and disrespect the culture of respect and responsibility code you will be sent to it. Secondary students run it. They will help you solve your problem and give you a consequence. We are hoping this program will succeed throughout the year. ==

There are several types of sports. The year starts out with Cross-Country Running, Volleyball, Cheerleading, and Wrestling. Next we have boys and girls varsity Basketball. In the winter we have skiing. They year ends with Native Youth Olympics. We had some people from our school attend state championships ( wrestling and skiing.)

Certified Staff/Classified Staff & Blogs of Koyuk Teacher(s)

<a _fcknotitle="true" href="Koyuk Certified Staff">Koyuk Certified Staff</a>

<a _fcknotitle="true" href="Koyuk Classified Staff">Koyuk Classified Staff</a>

[<a href="http://blog.bssd.org/mu/erikas">[n]</a>] Erika's classroom blog

Erika's blog is somewhere you can see some Social Studies standards. You can also see the assignments. When I used it I had an assignment to write a letter to the Mr. Obama. I used this link to go to where we had to decide on the Stimulus Bill signed or not signed. The link took me to a place to see what others thought about the Stimulus Bill. I used that information to write my letter to Mr. President.- Luann

[<a href="http://koyuk.bssd.org/malemutemusings">[n]</a>] Jenna's Writing Blog

Jenna's writing blog is a place where a few of her classes wrote letters to South Carolina about their favorite place or activities they do or talks about Koyuk. South Carolina sent letters about themselves to the blog. The blog is also for commenting on each others letters and asking more questions about eachother.



What is it like living in Koyuk

ANA ESTHER Hey Sunshines! The Earth says...hello! My name is Ana E. Otton and I am 15 years old. I'm A sophomore at the Koyuk Malemute School. I am happy to say my heart is in the village and it will always be there. This village is Koyuk, Alaska. I dont really have the idea, besides doing subsistence and camping, during the summers because im usually out of town. During the winter, the two things that come to mind are Corinnes Video Store and GYM nights. There is also riding. I love the traditional Christmas every winter. The New Year Day is awesome, we ride in a train. This is a train of snowmobiles. This year my rig will be ready. Last year I was in Hawaii so  I missed out. The year before that,I didn't have my F6. I'm stoked! Hey There Everyone! Koyuk is a very wonderful place to live. Here in the summer you can go out hiking, boating swimming, camping,berry picking,and fishing. In the fall time you could go ptarmagin, or moose hunting. In the winter many kids go sliding. Christmas break is the best. Some People hold the games and activities at the community or gym. The activities are: Relay racing, Fishing Derby, turkey shoot out, sliding contest, scavenger hunt, and many other things.-Corey Amy Many kids like to do these types of activities during the hot summer. We also can play base ball and many others. Living here in Koyuk is that we can go swimming, fishing, berry picking, camping, and go out for a ride. There is almost anything to do here in Koyuk. -Cecelia: Living here in Koyuk is pretty good. We have Corinnes Videos, so its not super boring. During summer break its really fun and people who come here say its really beautiful... Except the bugs..... Anyways, Koyuk is a fun place to be.

Hi my name is Wyatt and i live in Koyuk for a few years. so far i think its a pretty good place to live and to go hunting. And the school kinda good.

Klim 700 feutureing Kelner, hey whats up people who read this. If you are asking if Koyuk is a good place. Well it is the people here are great and you can never get bored. because theres water skipping with rigs, motor bikes, honda's. we could walk around, play some games at the city. People go hunting almost every day at Koyuk. Especially in the fall time because theres lots of moose to hunt around here. Theres many things to do like do some jobs for elders and the stores by taking the boxes from the air port to the store, post, east end store, corrines video store, and corp. The kids here never get bored cause we play bace ball every day. We could play ball at the ball court all night long and sleep in the day or stay up all day and dont mess  up your hours. then theres biking to devils hill and drink the freshest water in the world. so these or my last words for the koyuk village.I hope you read this carrfully and come to koyuk and enjoy good bye and have fun when you come here in koyuk

Koyuk is a fun and beautiful.-Thomas

Koyuk Alaska it is a beautiful place to be in. In the winter there are some storms that are bad but not really. The snow start to blow and starts hurting if you're playing outside. But in the spring you can do more then in the winter. Like going hunting for ducks and sea mammals. My favorite thing in the spring is water skipping. I don't know why but, a lot of people start to water skip. So after spring there is summer right. So in the summer is like the most awesomest. You can ride, play eskimo baseball, go gym for a while, and play ball on the court. On the Fourth of July they do relay races and after the relay races we go down to our beach and start the picnic. Then we do a lot more after the picnic, like a lot of games. So when summer is almost done we pick the delicious salmon-, black-, blue-, and cran- berries up the river. it be hot but pick faster and you will be done faster, plus you go home quicker. FALL is the greatest season for me. I can go ride in the slouch and mud for a long time. I wont care if I get wet or dirty. Thats what Maxine thinks. I live in Koyuk Alaska for 14 years and it is a blast.      

Hi I am Angel from Koyuk. I have lived here my whole twelve years. Koyuk is a beautiful place to be. Here in Koyuk makes me feel like its a city but it is not it's a village. I wish people could come visit us it is very nice place.

Hi my name is Trevor and I’m 18 years old , I’ve lived in Koyuk my whole life and I’m a junior at the Koyuk malimiut school. The only way to get here is by plane or boat or whatever you choose. If you were in Anchorage you would have to travel by plane to Nome and another flight to Koyuk.

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