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At lexile.com, using a student Lexile measure, you can search the database for books that fall within his or her Lexile range.

Use BSSD Online Library catalog to find books in the school libraries, type in "Lexile XXX" and choose your schools code on the advanced search page to get appropriate books that are in your school. You can also use this to find books on different subject by Lexile.

This is a document that I created to help the teacher or instructor know what standards and parts of the EOL for level 4 that have been passed or attempted.It serves as a cover sheet for the EOL. I found that it saves lots of time flipping through the EOL tests. Download Document

This is a document that I give teachers at the end of each quarter. I also post it around the school so all stakeholders know what Lexile is needed for BSSD level mastery. Required End of Level SRI Scores

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