Long-billed Dowitcher

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Scientific Information

Two Long-billed Dowitchers in a tundra pond.
Adult Long-billed Dowitcher in breeding colors.
The Long-billed Dowitcher (Limnodromus scolopaceus) is a fairly common breeder throughout the Seward Peninsula. These are easily identified by their long white stripe on their back visible while in flight as well as their general profile. Its bill is very long and slightly decurved. The female may have a longer bill.

Both male and female will share incubation of the eggs but after hatching only the male will stick around to take care of the young. Nests can be found near the water's edge in tussoks or mossy hummocks.

It spends its winters from Washington and Virginia to Guatemala. During its time in Alaska, it lives on the tundra and is found on mudflats, marshes, and edges of freshwater ponds.

Community Information




Spoken Name

Relevant Site Information

Long-billed Dowitchers are common birds to the island here in both spring and fall as they feed in wet grassy areas and/or tundra ponds. They nest around the Serpentine and Arctic Rivers. Young hunters call these "big beaks" and will often shoot these with pellet guns and take them back to their grandparents.

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