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mangteghaq a Yupik word for a house
MangteghaqSLI Yupik

Ethnographical records on yaranga among Siberian Yupik

A yaranga, further details about its kind and origin are unspecified. Also the Chukchi used yarangas.

In the middle of the 20th century, Рубцова recorded the usage of a kind of yaranga among Siberian Yupik, similar to that of Chukchi (Рубцова 1954: 100–101, 514–516, 550). Also a lot of folktales recorded by her mentioned this kind of dwelling. In her records, the name of this kind of yaranga was мыңтыӷақ (“mengteghaq”).

It was a round tent, used for dwelling in the winter, consisting of two parts, an inner and an outer one. The framework was made of posts, the lower part was covered with walrus skin or thin planking. The upper part was covered with tarpaulin.

Household and hunting utensils were kept in the outer, front part, натык (“natek”). The floor of the natek was not covered. Also the dogs could be kept there at night or in storms.

People used the inner, back part for living: а̄гра (“aagra”). This word originates from Chukchi language.


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