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Compares and contrasts the characteristics of at least three Native Alaskan groups (Athabaskans, Aleuts, Tlingits, Inupiats, Yupiks).

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I know how Native Alaskan groups are similar and how they are different.


I will be able to compare and contrast the characteristics of at least three Native Alaskan groups.


Aleut Basket Paintings Lesson Plan from Project ARTiculate. Students learn about basic weaving techniques, weave construction paper, and add paintings.

Salmon Summer Lesson Plan from Project ARTiculate. Students create paintings of salmon and incorporate Aleut designs.

Inupiaq Paper Sculptures Lesson Plan from Project ARTiculate. Students learn about Inupiaq carver Melvin Olanna and create a paper sculpture after his style.

Yup'ik Spirit Masks Lesson plan from Project ARTiculate. Students recognize elements of a traditional mask and create one representing their own interests.

Athabascan Mittens Lesson plan from Project ARTiculate. Students explore Athabascan life and design a pair of beaded mittens.

A Web made using Inspiration used for researching/discussing a Native Alaskan group

Alaska A Land in Motion textbook.

Venn diagram for comparing 3 Alaskan Native Groups. media:Venn_diagram.gif#file

Alaska Native Heritage Center

worksheet that has students compare Aleuts and Tlingit after they have studied them

Athabascan Winter Studies The Dene' Indigenous People of Interior-Even if you do not use the unit the art sampler is good-Lesson One has doll cutouts, I keep finding good parts to this unit

Cultural Units that can be ordered

A unit on moose that was done in an Athabaskan community, that ties in the culture good place for ideas on teaching the Athabaskan culture

Athabaskan Languages

Alaska Natives

Alaska Native Knowledge Network Lesson Plans and Units


This is a great time to bring in the cultural aide or migrant aide to talk about ones own cultural. Elders and community members can come in also.

Video conference with a place that has a different culture than ones own. Like a school in Southeast.

Read traditional Tlingit, Athabascan, Aleut, or Eskimo stories and compare them. Many cultures have stories with similar themes like creation.



Students will research characteristics such as dress, tools, dances, history, language, customs, etc. of each Native group. They can make hands on projects to show differences and similarities.

Chart where students fill in for the difference in Tlingit and SLI. A teacher could change the chart for any two Alaskan cultures

Worksheet where students tell if the items are Tlingit or Aleut

Students tell if each picture is Aleut or Tlingit

How Families Have Changed Through Time Excellent lesson about how families have changed over time. Includes printouts for an art project and a link to the text A View of the Past

Teacher can make a worksheet that has pictures on it of each group studied and students can write what culture is represented in each picture.

Students can do a picture sort.

Performance Task on Alaskan Cultures Research Project---I use PowerPoints

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