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Welcome to the page that will show you BSSD programs in a nutshell -


Success for All

Success for All has various components for all ranges of students and staff seen here.


The Bering Strait School District has full time counselors in Savoonga and Gambell. In addition, we have two itinerant counselors who are based out of NACTEC in Nome. Tom App serves the villages of Elim, Shaktoolik, and Golovin, and Heidi Graber serves Teller and Brevig Mission.

Click here to see a brainstormed list of Counseling Duties that sites without a counselor need to deal with.

Bilingual/Bicultural Program

The majority of our villages have hired paraprofessionals to teach the native culture and/or language, as part of the Bilingual/Bicultural program. Some villages have been fortunate enough to fill the positions with LRE's, or Locally Recognized Experts.

Indian Education Program

Our Indian Education Program is funded by a federal grant. The grant funds the employment of aides in each of the schools, who work specifically with students in grades 1-8 to improve their skills in reading and math.

Career and Technical Education

Our district employs Career and Technical Education teachers at seven of our sites. The CTE programs are largely funded by a federal Perkins grant. Our students follow Programs of Study, which will lead them to technical certificates and an opportunity to earn dual High School/College credit.

Staff Development

We provide many types of professional development for the BSSD staff. Any staff member is able to request staff development as well... Requesting staff development


How do we implement the various parts of the Federal No Child Left Behind Law in BSSD?? Click here

Solution Team

How does BSSD support the various needs of students, families, behaviors etc?? find out here

Want to know the process for Student Interventions at the lowest level possible.... then click here

Special Education

To learn more about the Special Education program at BSSD, Please click here

Assessment Program

BSSD assesses all students at various times during the year as one indicator of their academic achievement. For an overview of our assessment program, download here.

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