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Level 5 Technology Standards


Standard in Kid Friendly Language

What is "New Technology"? For example, saying that iPhoto is new technology won't fly. But if there is a new feature or plug-in for iPhoto that was recently released and you are using it, that would work.

Found something new in the world of technology that you think is cool? Like the new ipod shuffle, or a new application that you can use on a computer to do something you weren't able to do before. Describe what makes this new technology cool, and post it to the new technology blog. You can find it at To participate, first register on the BlogFarm. Once logged into the BlogFarm you will notice that you have a menu bar at the top of your window that says "My Blogs." New Technologies Forum should be one of the blogs listed. You should then be able to select "New Post."


Student will include a picture of the item, their post will include in depth detail on what makes the new technology on the cutting edge, student includes in their post how this new technology will affect their life at home and at school. Student will comment on someone elses post.

Project suggestions

Research on the internet at and find new technology. Once you find new technology write a paper about what is and what it does. Have the students put them in their own words instead of copying and pasting.

Google Earth Project

Use google sketchup, for a project about new technology.

5.16 New Technology Forum
  1. Go to the BSSD New Technology Forum Blog (link below) to see what students have posted from around the district. These are examples of different technologies you will be posting to that blog.
  1. After you have looked at the BSSD New Technology Blog you will need to search the internet for new technologies that interest you. You need to find a picture of the new technology and create a small description of the new technology explaining why it is so "new". What makes this so special?
  2. Go to the BSSD Wiki, Technology standard 5.16, to get information on how to post of the New Technology Forum blog. Click of the following link to get there :

Assessment Suggestions


Check for new, innovative applications here

good place for new technologies

On Zotero you can add pictures and put information on what's going on. It is free, easy-to-use tools to help you collect, organize, cite. and share your research sources. On Zotero you can save pictures and note. When you save a page on Zotero you can click on it, it will go right to the page. Zotero will save anything.

Useful zotero and things for help

Voicethread is a web-based digital story telling application.

VoiceThread is a media aggregator that allows people to post media artifacts—which might be a document, a slide presentation, a video, or a collection of photos—for community feedback. Commentators can add remarks by means of microphone, webcam, keyboard, or telephone. The resulting Flash-based animation contains the original artifact and the commentary on it. VoiceThread incorporates media from a variety of sources and allows the layering of sound and comments from many sources. In this way, the application may support completely new types of sharing and presentation.

VoiceThread is a multimedia voice show that allows people to post videos, photographs, documents, etc. People can add comments with a phone, microphone, or keyboard.

ScanSnap is a little device that is faster and more convenient than using a Fax machine. ScanSnap is like a portable fax machine for you and your family. It scans multiple documents for storage and e-mailing.

How to use voicethread for digital story telling.

Googledocs is an open sharing software that could be used for people to share the same document.

Google Docs lets you create, share, and collaborate on documents online

Google Docs can create a survey

Googledocs can be used to track attendance and other data

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