Pacific Golden Plover

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Scientific Information

Male Pacfic Golden-Plover
Female Pacific Golden-Plover
Juvenile Pacific Golden-Plover
Formerly grouped together with the American Golden-Plover as subspecies known as the Lesser Golden-Plover, the Pacific Golden-Plover (Pluvialis fulva) is a widespread breeder on the Seward Peninsula. These birds winter in the Pacific Islands, southeast Asia, and northeastern Africa. They are uncommon birds in the rest of North America.

Compared to the American Golden-Plover, the male in breeding plumage has white stripes that extend along their sides from their face to their tale, where the white on an American Golden-Plover ends at the chest. The Pacific Golden-Plover also has shorter wings and more “golden” on their backs in all plumages.

Community Information




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The Pacific Golden-Plover can be found in Shishmaref staging before moving on to their breeding grounds from mid-May to mid-June and in mid-August many juveniles will stage on the island before heading on to their wintering grounds. It has been traditional for young hunters to shoot these with pellet guns and take them to their grandparents to eat.

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