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Folklore text examples in CSY RFN

Examples from folklore records, collected in Russian Far North in the 1950s, among local Central Siberian Yupik speakers (Chaplino Eskimos, «Уңазиӷмӣт», Ungazighmiit).

With possessive suffixes

Sg P1 possessor, Sg posessum (my …)

Tale “Kaviighhaq riistuneq”, sentence 16
Та̄хкын укималъыӷмун па̄пка канаҳсимақа.
Taaggken ukimalleghmun paapka kanaghhsimaqa.
Then I put my tail into the hole.

Sg P2 possessor , Sg possessum (thy …)

Tale “Kaviighhaq riistuneq”, sentence 19
Лъпык па̄пхын та̄кылӷи ама милъқуҳтуқақ, иқалъюўа̄мың угляӷлюку тугулъықӯтын.
Llpek paapggen taakelghi ama millqughhtuqaq, iqalluwaameng uglaghluku tugullequuten.
Thy tail is long and also hairy, thou wilt procure many Saffron cod.

Sg P3 possessor , Sg possessum (his/her/its …)

Tale “Afsengaghhaq”, sentence 4
Афсыңаҳақ на̄йвами сикум қа̄йңани ақумгамалюку, па̄пха кумляҳқусимакаңа.
Afsengaghhaq naayvami sikum qaayngani aqumgamaluku, paapgga kumlaghhqusimakanga.
As the little mouse was sitting on the lake in the middle of the ice, her tail froze onto it.

Sg P3reflexive possessor, Sg possessum (his/her/its own …)

Tale “Kaviighhaq riistuneq”, sentence 24
Укисямӣгу. папыни канаҳсимакаңа.
Ukisamiigu, papeni kanaghhsimakanga.
When he drilled [the ice], he put his own tail in.

Index of cited tales

«Афсыңаҳақ» (The little mouse), Рубцова 1954: 367–369, tale № 32.
Kaviighhaq riistuneq
«Кавӣҳақ рӣстунық» (Cunning fox), Рубцова 1954: 308–310, tale № 23.


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