Pectoral Sandpiper

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Scientific Information

Adult Pectoral Sandpiper
Pectoral Sandpipers (Calidris melanotos) are a common migrant to the Seward Peninsula and an uncommon breeder. This yellow-legged sandpiper breeds on the Arctic tundra from Alaska to Hudson Bay. Just as does many other shore birds that visit Alaska, it winters in South America, it prefers marshes and grassy pools. Formerly it was a very abundant species but in the 19th century their population was greatly reduced by market hunting. A breeding male has an inflatable throat sac that can expand and contract rhythmically during display flights.

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Locally kids call Pectoral Sandpipers "curl snipe". Pectoral Sandpipers are fairly common migrants in the spring and fall here and young hunters will stalk them and take what they kill home to their parents or grandparents to cook.

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