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nooloracze Level 5 Technology Standards


Standard in Kid Friendly Language

I create and use a blog or personal web page.

Unpacked Standard

I can create a personal web page.

I can sign in and out of this page.

I can contribute to this page (i.e. adding a profile).

I can share this page with others.

I know that a blog is a digital journal that is web based.

I know that the public can view and access blogs.

I know that people can use personal web pages to create an online identity.

I know that what I post to World Wide Web becomes a permanent record available to anyone.

I understand the safety issues involved in having a online identity.

I demonstrate moral and ethical usage on my web page.


Project suggestions,,

Create page on Yahoo360

create personal web page on

help create and maintain school or class website

create your own blog at

Assessment Suggestions

Blogging Rubric tied to 5.15


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