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Creating First-Aid Kits

This activity is based on the idea that people in Stebbins enjoy camping, hunting, and berry picking. They often go out on the tundra far away from medical facilities and sometimes even a day away from any type of emergency care. To better prepare students for the dangers they may face in this environment it is important for students and community members to know both what goes into a first-aid kit and how to use them. This offers many benefits and promotes healthy lifestyles for all who participate.

Essential Questions Ideas: Brainstorm what dangers we face

What can we do to be prepared?

What can you use a first-aid kit for?


Standards: LS 4.04 LS 4.07 LS 3.08

Extensions: If you turn this into a business you can use career skills and Math CS 4.03 CS 3.05 MA 4.09 MA 5.13

Tech options if you design adds and order online as a class. TE 3.08 TE 3.09 TE 4.08 TE 4.11

This activity could be as short as a week and take as long as you want to extend it depending on what you want to accomplish.

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