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CA 4.3 Practices the techniques (skills) of a traditional art form, (beading, skin sewing, carving, basket weaving, mask making, dancing, woodworking.



The student will know that traditional arts are arts that have been done for generations. (carving, dancing, skin sewing

The student will know that some artists use a traditional art form, and change and adjust the art form to meet modern interest and uses. (Using bead work to create a pen cover, or using skin sewing to make a purse)

The student will know that art exists in many areas of their lives: drawing, carving, singing, storytelling, dancing, acting, etc.

ABLE TO DO The student will be able to do two or more of these art forms. (carving, basket weaving, mask making , dancing, wood working, beading, and skin sewing, or any local traditional art form.)


Carving tools and materials, beads and beading material, basketry materials, mask making materials, dancing instructions, materials, patterns and instruction for skin sewing, and fish printing instruction and materials




One AWESOME resource is the Native Alaskan Art tub from the media center. It has lessons, worksheets, pictures, and art activies for each culture. It has great pictures to use as examples. It has great lessons. It is the most awesome tub in the media center!

Tlingit Native American Culture Tlingit Native American Culture

Sheldon Museum [1]

Tlingit Art and Culture Blog [2]

Alaska Native Heritage Center EYAK, TLINGIT, HAIDA & TSIMSHIAN [3]

Wikipedia Tlingit [4]

CA 4.3 Alot of my kids were like, "What does this standard mean?" So, when I was researching, I found several articles over Ak Native art and how the Native corporations were protecting their art and artists by certifying both with the "silver hand" which is basically a trade mark that certifies that it is made by a member of an Ak Native corporation. I had my kids divided into groups and each were responsible for researching and reporting back to the class on a different aspect of the 'silver hand' issue. Out of all of them, my students liked best the actual application for the 'silver hand' trade mark! It was black and white, divided up neatly into functional categories that they could relate to and teach to one anothers group! So here it is: Silver Hand Application link is another great resource. A multi-standard/multi-level/multi-content area Project: Cultures Affect Each Other [[5]]

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