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Back to the Inupiaq Dictionary

These directions will help you build a new page for the Inupiaq dictionary!

  1. You may want to print out these directions.
  2. Look at the wiki text below. It shows an example of the code for a dictionary page.
  3. Copy the wikicode in the box below. (highlight and use command-C)
  4. Click on edit. (at the top of the wiki page)
  5. Paste the code into the edit box. (use command-V)
  6. Enter your parameters for the page and word you are working on.
  7. Be sure to put the flash code in precisely.
  8. Delete the code for the template ( IDpage code ) near the top of the page.
  9. Save your page and enter the security words.

{{Inupiaq Dictionary with Flickr








|dialect3=  }}
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