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CA 4.2 Reports on Alaska Native community art and culture.




KNOW Students will know about the AK Native community art and culture.

ABLE TO DO Students will be able to report on the AK Native community art and culture.


Carvers, dancers, drummers, elders, parents, different raw materials they will need, i:e walrus tusks, wood, bones etc....



Study Guide CA 4.2

CA4.2 CASC08.png


Students could make short videos highlighting one aspect of native culture. Our class made videos highlighting Eskimo Games. It took us about a week, and we had only minimal editing skills going into the project. The key is to stress SHORT MOVIES. We aimed for about a minute. Short projects are very manageable. Here are the steps we followed:

Day One:

-choose partners and select an Eskimo Game -share out with the class to make sure nobody duplicates any Eskimo games -write a script explaining how the game is played -submit the script to be reviewed by the teacher -Teacher explains the concept of a story board ( a great movie to share is Marco Torres Describes Storyboards -draw a storyboard of the shots we want in our movie -record our script in Garage Band -make a list of materials necessary for our movies

Day Two:

-shoot the footage using other members of the class -import the footage into Imovie (teacher points out firewire ports and assists students -import our script audio into Imovie

Day Three:

-Teacher demonstration using projector of how to crop clips and use slow/fast motion to lengthen/shorten clips -Students spend time making sure that the audio matches up with the video (ie, if the audio is talking about necessary materials, then the video of the materials should be playing). Students crop/lengthen/shorten footage as necssary.

Day Four:

-Teacher demonstration on adding a title and transitions using the projector. -Students create a title -Students continue to edit footage, adding transitions when necessary

Day Five:

-Teacher demonstration of how to add sound effects and other audio tracks from Garage Band -Students polish their videos and add sound effects/audio to fill in places where there is silence -Students Export or Share their video, resizing it for web streaming

Day Six:

-Teacher demonstration of how to navigate YouTube sight -Discussion of tags, titles, descriptions (what are they, what is the importance -Students sign up for a YouTube account -Students check their e-mail accounts in order to activate their YouTube account -Students upload their resized videos with teacher guidance -Students view each others videos and leave comments.

Here are links to our videos:

Two Foot High Kick

Wrist Carry

Leg Wrestling

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