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BSSD Standards Addressed

Level 7 Writing

WR.07.07 Applies note-taking skills in a variety of situations. (GLE[9&10]4.4.2)

WR.07.08 Research Paper-L7. Researches, writes and organizes one research paper (6-7 pages long) and cites information from four sources using MLA or APA format. (This can count as a proficient writing sample.) (GLE [9&10]4.1.1)

WR.07.10 Writing Samples-L7. Writes a minimum of five proficient writing samples: each in a different genre. (GLE [9&10]4.2.2.)

Level 8 Writing

WR.08.05 Researches, writes, and organizes one formal research paper (8-10 pages) using a consistent format of citing (MLA or APA). (This can count as a proficient writing sample). (GLE[9&10]4.1.1)

WR.08.06 Determines appropriateness (credibility or validity) of information sources for a research topic.

WR.08.08 Writes a minimum of five proficient multi-paragraph writing samples in a variety of formats (both fiction and non-fiction) such as: narrative/creative, poetry, autobiographical, explanatory (including: explaining a process, compositions that define, compositions that give reasons, persuasive writing), summaries, researcch papers, scientific reports. (GLE[9&10]4.2.2)

Process writing standards this UNIT addresses:

WR.07.01 Articulates and exhibits knowledge of the 6-Traits.

WR.07.04 Applies the writing process independently (prewriting, drafting, evaluating, revising, proofreading, publishing or presentation).

WR.08.01 Articulates and exhibits knowledge of the 6-Traits.

WR.08.03 Independently directs the writing process with increased sophistication.


Research Iditarod is a thematic UNIT with several lessons covering a variety of writing standards in different levels (above). Instruction will necessarily take place over several weeks, and students may work on this UNIT for an entire quarter. Listed below are links to UNIT lessons.


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