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You can create different reports in DART for different purposes. For example, a Drill Down report will create a list of your students, as well as what levels they are in, and what content areas. In DART, you can easily print reports for sharing.

To use statistical reports or Drill Down!

Drill Down! is reporting tool that allows you to view current information on your students in each level and all content areas. Drill down replaced the pivot tables used in previous versions of DART. The Drill Down tool will automatically calculate as students progress, so it aids in instructor focus on the content areas that needs the most attention.

1. Point to Students, and under Reports, click Drill Down.  



You will see a table with letters, numbers, and colored cells:


Under the table, you will also find graphs which represent the data from the table, and correspond to the content areas:


2. You can sort the table three ways:

By student

In the list that displays All Students, select a student. The table and graphs will update with that student's information.


By testing level

In the list that displays All Grades, select a testing level. The table and graphs will update with that level's information.


By site

In the list that displays All Locations, select a location. The table and graphs will update with that location's information.

To use an OASIS export

You can quickly gain student demographic information from your school by running an OASIS export.

1. Point to Students, and then click Search for Students.


2. On the DART System Search page, enter your search criteria, and then click Search.


3. Select the students you want to include in the export, or click Check All.


4. In the Export list, choose Fall Oasis Export, and then click Go. This will generate a spreadsheet file that will download to your computer.


5. In the spreadsheet, you can review the information, delete columns, and then save or print the file for sharing.

To print reports

1. Point to Student, and under Reports, click Official.


2. Under Select Groups and Users, select the group or the student for which you want to print a report.


3. Under Select Report, select the type of report you wish to print. There are four choices: Report Card, Progress Report, Report Card - No QPI, and Pacing Guide.


4. Click Print Reports! The file will be downloaded as a .pdf.


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