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Scientific Information

The Rusty Blackbird (Euphagus Carolinus) breeds in wet temperate coniferous forest and muskeg in Canada and Alaska. They stay in the eastern part of the United States during the summer than go to Alaska and Canada in the winter. They mainly feed incects, small fish and some seeds. During their migration they feed on some birds. They are known to kill a bird as big as a Common Snipe.

The Rusty Blackbird makes their nests in a tree or dense shrub, or by ponds/wetland complexes. Rusty Blackbirds travel long distances to feed on a waters edge. Rusty Blackbirds have significantly declined in decades, the reasons are unclear but its most likely from habit loss. Mercury contamination in the Northeastern North America is another problem for these birds. In 2007, they went from a species that is Least Concern to a Vulnerable status.

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