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Excel Document of Level 3 Alaska Studies Standards

Level 3A Matrix

Excel Document of Level 4 Alaska Studies Standards

Level 4A Matrix

Excel Document of Level 5 Alaska Studies Standards

Level 5A Matrix

SS.A.07 Describes authority in a variety of settings i.e. the family, school, and tribe, past and present.

SS.A.08 Interviews leaders in the local and tribal community.

SS.A.09 Recognizes leadership positions in the city, state and nation.

SS.A.10 Identifies local district, state, and federal jurisdictions.

SS.A.11 Understands imports and exports of our state and region.

SS.A.12 Understands the use of resources in subsistence economies.

SS.A.13 Identifies and demonstrates the components and use of a state budget (spending and saving).

SS.A.14 Identifies geographical regions and features of Alaska. (see also CA 4.5)

SS.A.15 Explains key elements of culture (language, art, customs, and dress).

SS.A.16 Compares and contrasts the characteristics of at least three Native Alaskan groups (Athabaskans, Aleuts, Tlingits, Inupiats, Yupiks). (SEE ALSO CA 3.2)

SS.A.17 Sequences events in the history of Native Alaskans.

SS.A.18 Understands European exploration and settlement of Alaska (fur trappers, miners, and missionaries).

Outline of How Alaska 3-5 Could Be Organized into Mini-Units

A.14 Geography

A.11 Imports and Exports- where do things come from?

Regions: Southeast, South Central, Southwest, Interior, Aleutians, Bering Sea, and North Slope Features: Brooks Range, Alaska Range, Yukon River, Kuskokwim River, Pacific Ocean, Bering Sea, Norton Sound, Chukchi Sea, Arctic Ocean

Local and state imports and exports

A.15 Key Elements of Culture

A.16 Compare Cultures

A.7 Authority (in the past)

Authority in the family, school, and tribe

Compare cultures: name, language, art, customs, dress

Starting with their own culture

Introduce other Alaska Native cultures

A.12 Subsistence

Define subsistence

How are the animals used?

Collaboration with writing classes. Students choose a local traditional food/clothing item and write about the process of preparing the food/clothing item.

Introduce subsistence foods from other parts of Alaska

A.18 European Exploration – fur traders, miners, missionaries- why did they come? What impact did they have?

A.17 Native AK History


A.07 Authority Now A.10 Local, State, National Laws A.13 State budget

Authority in the family, school, and tribe

Where does the state get its money? How does the state spend its money?

A.08 Identify Current Leaders

A.09 Interview Leaders- ask them about their job, responsibilities

Define leaders: mayor, chief, governor, president, principal,

Resources for the whole level

Carole Marsh Alaska Books by Carole Marsh. The Carole Marsh company has some great books are reproducible books that are good for Alaska Studies.

Alaska Studies materials that can be ordered from Gallopade International

Alaska Kids from Alaska State Website

Alaska Clipart Collection -Very Cool!

Alaska History and Cultural Studies

Alaska Federation of Natives

Natives of Alaska

Alaska Native Villages

Alaska City Wordsearch

World Book Online Alaska Section

Alaska State Study Unit

Wikipedia Article on Alaska

Picture and other books about Alakas

Alaska Mini Unit

Lesson on Exxon Valdez Oil Spill and you need a book to complete lesson

Alaska Crossword Puzzle

Blank Alaska Map

Alaska Map with places filled in

Alaska geography (STD. 14) lesson with website Alaska Gold Rush Information] Alaska History State Standards: Poster of Levels 3-5 Alaska Content Standards (using legal paper)

[[1]] SLED: State Library Electronic Doorway; Very useful Alaska resources hosted by the University of Alaska.

Lesson Plan: SS 3 Local Leadership Interview

Lesson Plan: Cultures and Regions of Alaska

Alaska Names by Capt. Cook

[EeasyFunSchool-Alaska--A Mini Unit-Article Archives-free Unit]

Cultural Mapping Performance Task by Wilma M and Matthew

Lesson Created by Helen Webb (includes PT, rubrics, worksheets and more!) L3-5 "Exploration of Alaska's Heritage"[[2]]

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