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Scientific Information

Adult Sandhill Crane
Sandhill Cranes (Grus canadensis) are large wading birds are a common migrant and fairly common breeder on the Seward Peninsula. They prefer the wetlands making them more plentiful along the coastal lowlands and river estuaries. Often large flocks may be seen and heard flying high in the sky heading towards the Siberian Coastline. Some will stay and breed nearby. They are known for their elaborate courtship displays some for finding a mate while others to maintain the pair bond. A fossil was found in Nebraska that was dated approximately 10 million years old making it the oldest known bird species still surviving. Sandhill cranes are very neat birds and a much awaited spring migrant here on the Seward Peninsula, and Alaska in general.

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Sandhill Cranes begin arriving here around late May when much of the snow has melted off of the ground. During the summer of 2008 there were hundreds of cranes along the Serpentine River tributaries.good to eat when the bbearies start growing. after you kill the bird they pluck them then the Body parts in inupiaq head- niaquq neck- quŋsiq eyes- izrik ears- siutik wings- izaguk breast- alaaq legs- mipquq back bone- qulusiq lungs- puak heart- uuman stomach- imanuġik feet- itigaq intestine- suŋałuit.

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