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Savoonga, Alaska

Hogarth Kingeekuk Sr. Memorial School in Savoonga, Alaska

The student population of Hogarth Kingeekuk school, is well over 200 students. Staff number around 20 students and a principal and assistant principal. Savoonga School is a k-12 school with classes being multi leveled. The school is part of the Bering Strait School District. The school has implemented the Bering Strait School District standards-based model to instruct students. Each level has standards that the student has to master (at 80%) before moving on to the next level. Levels compare to grade level expectations. Curriculum and resources are being updated and added each year as the model is developed. Students receive report cards that place them as emerging, developing, proficient or advanced for their efforts on completing the standards. After school activities include NYO, basketball, battle of the books, wrestling, cheerleading, volleyball, cross country skiing, Future Teachers of Alaska, and many other activities. The school is bilingual with all classified staff and many students speaking the traditional language of St. Lawrence Island, Siberian Yupik. The island is situated about 50 miles from Russia and about a 45 minute trip by bush plane to Nome, Alaska...the nearest "city".

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Savoonga, Alaska

Current Weather in Savoonga

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