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There are two different ways to search for students in DART: the student menu and the quick student search. If you search through the student menu, you can complete a more broad search of students across schools in the District. On the other hand, the quick student search includes a Choose Action list; you should know the student's name for this search.

Both methods of search are different from previous versions of DART, where the Search link was in the DART Info menu.


To use the student menu (broad search)

As of September 2011, staff should follow instructions under "Current Version" when labeled as so.

Current Version

1. Under DART Info, select Search.


DART Version 1.2

1. Point to Students, and then click Search for Students.


2. On the DART System Search page, enter the search criteria. If you know the student's name, that is the best place to start.


3. Click Search.

To use the quick student search

NOTE: The quick student search will be available in the next version of DART.

1. In the search bar, type the name of the student for whom you want to search.


2. From the Choose Action list, select the information you want to show for the student.


You will see the information displayed immediately.

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