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Social Studies Alaska

 6.1 Form opinions based on examination of evidence.
 6,2 Indicates facts that support a central point of view.
 6.4 Interprets social and political messages in cartoons and works of art.
 6.7 Draws inferences from a varitey of factual material.

 7.1 Compare and conrast credibality of differing accounts of the same event.
 7.2 Recognizes instances in whih more than one interpretation of factual material is valid.
 7.3 Understands the implications of point of view on a variety of specific issues.
 7.4 Forms, expresses and explains own point of view.
 7.6 Recognizes the bias in a point of view.
 7.7 Detects bias in data.

 8.3 Evaluates the validity and soundness of an argument.
 8.5 Compares and contrasts differing accounts of the same event.

Duration This lesson can take anywhere from one day to a couple of weeks depending if you want to just complete the bias,point of view standards or if you want to have students write an essay or watch some of the Iditerod.

ou==Materials Needed== The following sites are possible starting points for students to read about the controversy over racing sled dogs. Please feel free to add more suggestions.

Helps Sled Dogs


animal rights

sled dog video

dogs hero treatment l

Media:Example.ogg==Objectives== Students will explore the controversy about the treatment of sled dogs used to run the Iditarod race and other mushing races. Although this lesson can be done at any time of year, it would be particularyly effective during the Iditarod race in March. Students will look at the credibility of accounts of the same event, point of view, bias, expressing one's point of view, predicitning outcomes based on facts, making inferences, looking at primary and secondary sources, comparing and contrasting idea, and looking at societies values.


Students will explore several internet sites and read articles that offer different opinions on both sides of the question. If possible, they will interview real mushers, visit a dog yard, talk to a vetinarian who has worked the Iditarod race, interview someone who is opposed to mushing, Students can also read fiction and non-fiction books about the Iditarod Race and dog mushing in general. This activity can also be expanded and used for a writing activity for a compare and contrast (pros and cons of racing sled dogs) or persuassive essay (convincing others that sled dog racing is (or isn't) a good thing at any level 6,7,or 8.

Evaluation/ Rubric

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