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This section deals with the clutches used on all modern, adult-sized snowmobiles. There are two clutches; a primary (drive) clutch, and a secondary (driven) clutch. Both are necessary to convert the engine's power to useful motion through the track. They are both simple in design, yet finely calibrated to provide power in a seamless manner over the range of horsepower and torque the engine delivers. When they are set up and working properly, they do this smoothly and automatically without any special input from the operator of the machine.


The clutch on the left is a "primary- drive" clutch; the one on the right a "secondary-driven" clutch. (These are Polaris clutches, but like many of the parts on modern snowmobiles, they are made by the same companies which build clutches for other brands of machines, and they work in a similar manner.) Follow the links below to get specific details about the operation of the clutches and some of the basic maintenance procedures which can be done.

Primary Clutches

Secondary Clutches

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