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(4 AAC 06.765)(AS 14.07.020)*Kronos
09ASSEC09ASTEConference09ASTE Personal Learning Networks
09 Snowcave and Winter Survival09 Tune in to Inupiaq09edconference
1.24 The student demonstrates an understanding of the theories regarding the origin and evolution of the universe by:10ASSEC
10ASTEConference10 Qualities for Engaging School Work10 Song Autobio Soundtrack
10 Song Autobiographical Soundtrack10assec aswenson10assec scross
10edconference10edconference PBS Session11ASTEConference
11edconference13 million1918 Flu Epidemic in the Bering Strait region
1925 Serum Run Lesson
2006.10.05 script (SBT)2006.10.27 Volleyball (SBT)
2006.12.06 script (SBT)2006 CASC Members and Contact Info2007.10.03 AASA Conference (SBT)
2008 CASC tables, and other helps2008 Career Skills CASC2008 Cultural Awareness CASC
2008 IditaProject footage notes (SBT)2008 Iditarod2008 Life Skills CASC
2008 Math CASC2008 Reading CASC2008 Science CASC
2008 Social Networking "Amy's Choice"2008 Social Networking "I Wanted to Draw You"2008 Social Networking "Justin Berry Testimony"
2008 Social Networking "She Thought She Knew"2008 Social Networking "Think U Know Think Again"2008 Social Networking 'Julie's Journey"
2008 Social Networking Assessment Key2008 Social Networking Bebo Safety Tips2008 Social Networking Collaboration
2008 Social Networking Introduction to Identity2008 Social Networking Parent Letter2008 Social Networking Project Five
2008 Social Networking Project Four2008 Social Networking Project One2008 Social Networking Project Three
2008 Social Networking Project Three Videos2008 Social Networking Project Two2008 Social Networking Quizes and Assessments
2008 Social Networking Resources and Planning Notes2008 Social Networking Tricks of a Predator2008 Social Networking VoiceThreads Checklist
2008 Social Networking Voki Checklist2008 Social Studies CASC2008 Technology CASC
2008 Wrestling/Cheer Tournament2008 Writing CASC2008 Writing Code of Cooperation
2008 Writing POPE20092009 Iditarod
2009 Iditarod Ceremonial Start2010 21st Century Community Learning Centers Summer Institute2010 Regional Cost Analysis
3 Column Science Unit
4.1.a Ideas4.1.b Organization
4.1.c Voice
4.1.d Word Choice4.1.e Sentence Fluency
4.1.f.1 Spelling
4.1.f.2 Capitalization4.1.f.3 Punctuation
4.1.f.4 Grammar/Usage
4.1.f.5 Paragraphing4.1.f Conventions
44.4 million
5-paragraph essay5.1.a Ideas
5.1.b Organization5.1.c Voice
5.1.d Word Choice
5.1.e Sentence Fluency5.1.f.1 Spelling
5.1.f.2 Capitalization
5.1.f.3 Punctuation5.1.f.4 Grammar/Usage
5.1.f.5 Paragraphing
5.1.f Conventions5.1.f Conventions: (see conventions continuum for details)504 Accommodations and Implementation
504 Definition504 Definition & Overview504 Overview & Definition
504 When to Refer6-Trait Skills - L46-Trait Skills - L5
6-Trait Skills - L66-Trait Skills - L76-Trait Skills - L8
6-Trait skills-L56-Trait skills-L66-Trait skills-L7
6-Trait skills-L86-Trait skills articulated6-Traits
6.1.a Ideas6.1.a Ideas: Student consistently scores proficient on a 6-trait rubric.6.1.b Organization
6.1.b Organization: Student consistently scores proficient on a 6-trait rubric.6.1.c Voice6.1.c Voice: Student consistently scores proficient on a 6-trait rubric.
6.1.d Word Choice6.1.d Word Choice: Student consistently scores proficient on a 6-trait rubric.6.1.e Sentence Fluency
6.1.e Sentence Fluency: Student consistently scores proficient on a 6-trait rubric.6.1.f.1 Spelling6.1.f.1 Spelling: Student consistently scores proficient on conventions continuum.
6.1.f.2 Capitalization6.1.f.2 Capitalization: Student consistently scores proficient on conventions continuum.6.1.f.3 Punctuation
6.1.f.3 Punctuation: Student consistently scores proficient on conventions continuum.6.1.f.4 Grammar/Usage: Student consistently scores proficient on conventions continuum.6.1.f.4 Grammar and Usage
6.1.f.5 Paragraphing6.1.f.5 Paragraphing: Student consistently scores proficient on conventions continuum.6.1.f Conventions
6.1.f Conventions: (see conventions continuum for details)60 minute SFA vs. 90 minute SFA69,375
7.1.a Ideas7.1.b Organization
7.1.c Voice
7.1.d Word Choice7.1.e Sentence Fluency
7.1.f.1 Spelling
7.1.f.2 Capitalization7.1.f.3 Punctuation
7.1.f.4 Grammar/Usage
7.1.f.5 Paragraphing7.1.f Conventions
8.1.a Ideas
8.1.b Organization8.1.c Voice
8.1.d Word Choice
8.1.e Sentence Fluency8.1.f.1 Spelling
8.1.f.2 Capitalization
8.1.f.3 Punctuation8.1.f.4 Grammar/Usage
8.1.f.5 Paragraphing
8.1.f Conventions== Life Space Crisis Intervention ==
A) Understand the inverse relationship between exponents and logarithms and use this relationship to solve problems involving logarithms and exponents.A. applying the concepts of heat transfer (i.e., conduction, convection, radiation) to Alaskan dwellings.A. comparing the relative wavelengths and applications of different forms of electromagnetic radiation (i.e., x-ray, visible, infrared, microwaves, radio).
A. describing and comparing the characteristics of phyla/divisions from each kingdom.A. describing atoms and their base components (i.e., protons, neutrons, electrons).A. describing the carbon and nitrogen cycle within an ecosystem and how the continual input of energy from sunlight keeps the process going. (L)
A. examining energy (i.e., nuclear, chemical, thermal) transfers, transformations, and efficiencies by comparing useful energy to total energy.A. explaining the relationship of motion to an object’s mass, and the applied force. (i.e. usefulness of machines based on mechanical advantage)A. recognizing that a chemical reaction has taken place.
A. recognizing that a star changes over time.A. recognizing that all organisms have chromosomes made of DNA and that DNA determines traits.A. recognizing the dynamic interaction of erosion and deposition including human causes.
A. recognizing the effect of the moon and sun on tides.A. using a model to demonstrate the rock cycle. (L)AASA 2007
AK Current eventsAK Government regulation of economy
AK History Pre-1910AK Physical and human resourcesAK State government
AK Vocational SchoolsANCSAANCSA Quiz
ANCSA was signedANILCAAQ Native Allotment
AQ Regional CorporationsAQ Ringed SealAQ acres
AQ sharesARTiculate Lessons Linked to BSSD StandardsASTE 2012
A Polaris Edge/eBay/Salvage ProjectA Separate PeaceA distance of one billion revolutions
A generic school pageAagaanaqAallgutat
About GolovinAbout Our Village (started by Student Leadership)Abstracts for all BSSD blogs
Academic AchievementsAcademic Advisor Information/ToolsAcceptable Technology Use
Accepts and Applies DirectionAccommodationsAccurately answers questions using evidence, scientific knowledge, and insights regarding connections to “real life”.
Accurately reads appropriate scientific instrumentsAcquires InformationAcres
Action plansAction plans SS10
Activities CommitteeActivities and Documents to help prepare for Math Portion of HSGQEActivities and Documents to help prepare for Reading Portion of HSGQE
Activities and Documents to help prepare for Writing Portion of HSGQEActivities and Tools for Students to learn about Pacing and Tracking of their own progress.Activity Binder Revisions
Activity Eligibility FormAdaptability and resiliencyAdaptive Skills
Adding to Plants and Animals of the Bering StraitAdditionsAdii
Administrative TasksAdvanced Search ToolsAdvanced Technology Application
Advice ColumnAdvice and constructive criticismAge-appropriate vocabulary
Agenda ItemsAggitigiaAghnaghaq
Air tickesAir ticketsAir transport
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