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Using Electronic Reporting to Enhance Student Learning

This is a digital workspace for our RISC session. Participants can post questions and/or observations here.

The presenter will add resource links, his slides and relevant examples.

The Learning Cycle

The BSSD uses DART as one component in a series of connected Open Source systems.

The role of DART is to close the information loop portion of the Data-Driven Differentiated Instruction model, or learning cycle as illustrated here.


DART - BSSD's Live Student Information System

Bering Strait School District is currently using DART V.1, and has around 2200 users in the system.

This is a screenshot of the live system.


DART Project Information & Tutorials

Here are some important links for keeping up on the DART Project:

DART Demo Server

The DART Demo Server is up and running for those who wish to test-drive the latest stable version, or for use in training sessions.

Although it looks like it is from our schools, this is not our live DART implementation, but rather one that is loaded with simulated student data. All demo user data is reset once every 24 hours, so you can feel free to play, and learn about the system.

There are only three students or so in each school for now, and a total of 52 in listed in a 15 school district. This was for testing. More will be added this coming weekend.

You can use the demo users below if you'd like to try DART. Without an explanation of our district's curriculum you may be stumbling around a little ;-)

Make sure you check out the Drill Down! feature, search and export, and tools for personal, school site and district wide grouping.

Also, the "tag cloud" views of both group and individual views calculate the highest needs. A group's highest need is made up of the common weaknesses they have in the curriculum standards, and the individual view lists the first 30 highest relative needsd.

The links from the standard names in the "tag cloud" go to our wiki-based curriculum site page- resources and instructional strategies - for that individual standard.

DART Demo Server

Demo Admin User
Andy Admin
Username: aadmin
Pass: bssd

Demo Teacher User
Tommy Teacher
Username: tteacher
Pass: bssd

Demo Student User
Sally Student
Username: sstudent
Pass: bssd

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