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Current World Problems

EV1.1 Summarize Students will identify and summarize the key parts of local, state, national, and international stories.

EV1.2 Communication Students will present orally or in writing their ideas and defend their opinions of current events with evidence.

EV1.3 Bias Students will evaluate various media outlets to recognize bias and propaganda pertaining to the same event.

EV1.4 History Students will recognize the connection between historical events and what takes place in the present.

EV1.5 Participation Students will participate on a daily basis.

EV1.6 Project Project: Individually or in groups, students will thoroughly research a hot topic (eg Iran, Afganistan, Recession, Health Care) and formally present their findings to the class.

EV1.7 Final Exam

Student Leadership

GV1.1 Public Speaking Speak at an assembly, school program, morning announcements, or other gatherings/events once per quarter.

GV1.2 Planning and Execution

Write script and participate in the execution of one assembly per quarter

GV1.3 Student Recognition

Collect nominations and announce students of the week, design and produce posters/fliers/etc. highlighting student athletes and teams

GV1.4 Meeting Protocol

Represent student body, class, or school at AEC meetings, Associated Student Body meetings, and/or other formal meetings.

GV1.5 School Spirit/Inclusion

Plan, advertise, and judge school-wide spirit week competitions; include elementary and secondary students in each assembly; involve different students in each assembly

GV1.6 Community Involvement

Plan and host luncheons/events that involve the school and community members.

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