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To take attendance, you will first have to create a private Smart Group and set the appropriate criteria for the group. Taking attendance is done in basically the same way as in previous DART versions. However, the menus have changed. Instead of your private groups being listed in the left navigation, you will find them under the Groups menu at the top of the screen.





To take attendance

Current Version

1. In the left Navigation Menu, under Private Share List, click the attendance group you want to edit.


DART Version 1.2

1. Point to Groups, and under Private Shared, click the attendance group you want to edit.


2. On the overview page for the group, next to Take Attendance, click the attendance time period you want to edit: AM or PM.


3. Next to Select Date, set a date range. Note that you may need to type the year.


4. When you have set the range, click Submit Query.

5. Click to select the student whose attendance you want to edit.


6. In the Attendance Code Entry list, select the appropriate code for the student (present if the student is present, etc.), and then click Make It So.


7. Repeat for remaining students.

To edit Smart Group attendance

At times, you may need to edit student attendance after the recording date. For example, you may have marked the student absent when the student was actually present that day.

1. Point to Groups, and then click the Group name that includes the student whose attendance you need to edit. In this example, we use a Private Shared Group.


2. On the Overview page for the group, under Student Count, click AM or PM.


3. On the Group Attendance Entry page, click to select the student whose attendance you need to edit.


4. In the Attendance Code List, select the appropriate code for the student.


5. To save the change, click Make it So!

To view attendance

You can also view the student's attendance.

1. On the Group Attendance Entry page, click Attendance next to the student whose attendance you want to view.


You will see an attendance calendar.


You can see a key of attendance codes on the left side of the calendar; these codes correspond to the attendance calendar.

To export attendance data

1. Point to Students, and then click Search for Students.


2. On the DART System Search page, leave all of the search criteria blank, and then click Search.


3. You will see a list of all the students at your school. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on Check All. This will select every student in the list.


4. In the Display Results box, type the number of students at your school so you see a full page of attendance data.


5. In the Export list, select Attendance Export.


6. In the Start Date and End Date boxes, type the date range you want for the attendance export.

7. Ensure that you have all criteria filled, and then click Go.


You will be prompted to open a file. The file will save as export_190.xls, and you can open it in Excel, Numbers, or another spreadsheet program.

To edit attendance export in a spreadsheet

Once you have exported the attendance data, you can view and make changes in Excel or Numbers. The following guide was created using Excel for Mac.

1. With the report open in Excel, then click the Diamond in the left corner to select all cells.


2. Point to Format, point to Column, and then select AutoFit Selection. This will make the worksheet easier to read.


3. Click in the header of an empty colum to select it, and label it. The example is labeled Days in Membership.


4. In the first row, select all cells containing student data.

5. Click the AutoSum button, and then select Sum. The result is a total of the days absent, present, suspended, and late.


6. In the newly created column, grab the AutoFill handle in the lower-right corner of the first cell and drag it down to fill the rest of the column with totals.


7. When you are finished, point to File, and then click Save. Save the file with a proper title.


To calculate average attendance in a spreadsheet

You can also calculate average attendance for each student. To do this, you will create another column.

1. Click in cell Q2 or its equivalent.

2. In the formula bar, type=(D2/P2) and press RETURN. This divides the total days the student was present by the total days s/he was absent.


3. As before, use AutoFill to fill in the remaining cells for other students. In the example, the result is a percentage (decimal to eight places).


4. For clarity, you can format the cells to make a more manageable number. Right-click in one of the cells in the attendance percentage column, and select Format Cells.


5. Click the Number tab.

6. In the Category list, select Percentage.


7. When you are finished, click OK.

8. Click in the column header and label the column Average Attendance.

9. Point to File, and then click Save As. Save the file with a proper title.

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