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On the section that is for grade level shares. Would it be better to have it by multiple grades since many teachers teach multiple grades. This would be easy since most of the pages are not started yet. My suggestion is



2-3 or 2

4-5-6 0r 3-5

middle school

high school --Mstark 17:54, 6 November 2007 (AKST)


BSSD Wiki design

I'm doing some overhauling. Most people won't even notice, but I'm hoping that it will help organize our Wiki to be more scalable. What I have done (for those of you who care) is to redirect the content area pages to point to their respective "Categories." Eventually we'll need to fix those redirects (sounds like a good job for students who need to pass TE5). The advantage of using a category over a normal page is that when you link to a category page, the category page automatically creates a link back. Categories basically work like a tags. See Wiki Lesson Template for an example.

I plan on using these categories to organize my lessons and other resources that I use on the wiki. I have already started a category for Lesson Plans and anyone can feel free to add their own. Also, I am going to add (lesson) to the end of each of my lesson article titles. This helps to more easily distinguish lesson plans from other resources.


--Damon Hargraves 20:29, 16 May 2007 (AKDT)

Other Ideas



Question: You mean in addition to the "Printable Version" link on the right sidebar?
Awesome! Didn't even know that that was there. --Damon Hargraves 06:50, 1 August 2007 (AKDT)
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