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In Brief

Technology Level 7 is the top. You have reached the pinnacle of technology skill...right? No, there is always more to learn and this level is designed to keep you learning about technology. Level 7 is your opportunity to pass other standards in other content areas, while using your tech skill and learning new tech skills along the way. This cohort is meant to help you along your way.

Cohort Members


Participation Workflow

One hour minimum per week is required to meet as a group.

  1. Initial participant meeting (teachers welcome, principals welcome)
    1. Discuss the goal of this class.
      1. To help you attain advanced standard completion in the core content areas by using technology to share and teach others.
    2. Decide when to meet?
    3. Enroll in class by emailing Damon Hargraves
  2. Practice using collaborative tools and outlets which will be used within the cohort.
    1. Skype
    2. SBT
    3. StraitTalk
    4. BlogFarm
    5. BSSD OpenContent Wiki
    6. VTC
  3. Project
    1. Explore sample projects
    2. Propose own project, which can tie into any other class project
    3. Meet at least once a week for at least an hour for share progress and get help if needed
    4. Share finished product via blog, wiki, vtc, ...
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