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Student Broadcasting for K-12 Schools

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Where to Start?

This outline is only a rough organizer that started life as a few lines from an email to a mail list I belong to for teachers of broadcasting. Feel free to edit it as needed. Please add to the outline so that we can begin to make a good textbook.

It could have different sections to focus on....just some off the top of my head examples:

Broadcast Journalism Overview

This would be a good place for an overview of the organization and goals of the text.

I have a few goals that i would like to submit. Wondering if i am using the right protocol first. Let me know. I will do some reading on the cheatsheet for homework before i begin submitting any information. (by Leo - 3/6/06)

Admin note: No problem...but probably should be on the "Discussion" page tab that is for discussing the page and changes. It's to the left of the Edit tab. ;-) Some wiki projects are picky about comments in the pages.

Common Curriculum Elements


What is Broadcast Journalism?


How do Schools Structure Broadcasting Programs?


How is Student Broadcasting Integrated With Other Subjects?


Standards Alignment

What Equipment Does It Take?


Copyright Basics and Fair Use

Parameters of Fair Use

Sources of Non-Copyrighted Music & Images

Working with Your School Administrators

Policies & Procedures

CIPA Fact & Fiction

Filtering vs. Supervision

Understanding Free Speech in a School Context

Video Broadcast Focus

Closed Circuit Broadcasting

Community Cable Options

Web Streaming Video

Video Podcasting (Vodcasting)

Video Conference Broadcasting

Technical Requirements

Shareware and Software Alternatives

Audio Broadcast Focus

Audio Broadcast Solutions

Picking the Right Solution

Low Power Radio

High Power Community Radio

Internet Radio Stations

Audio Podcasting in the classroom

Technical Requirements

Shareware and Software Alternatives

Integrating Content Standards

Using Peer Editing of Stories and Content

Integrating Social Studies Standards

Standards in Broadcasting Programs

Existing Student Broadcasting Programs

Bering Strait School District - Large school district in rural Alaska with student created weekly, and special event broadcasts.

Listen Up! Showcase - The Listen Up! Screening Room has sample clips and stories from several broadcasting programs in schools.

Sandia Prep Radio International - Monthly, student-produced radio show and podcast from Sandia Prep School in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Other Instructional Resources for Instructors

Bethel High School Broadcast Manual - From Bethel High School in Spanaway, Washington

IDEAS - Institute for Digital Education, Activities and Scholarship (IDEAS) is Ball State University's program to support high school journalism.

Newshour Lesson Plans - PBS has lots of lesson plans in the special section of the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer program site.

Radio and Television News Directors Foundation - The RTDF has lots of resource links, an active mail list, and free support materials by mail.

Television Production - Ron Whittaker, CyberCollege

Program Grant Information

RTNDF Seed Money Grants - For existing or new programs

Student Broadcasting Competition Information

National Student Television Award for Excellence - Sponsored by the National Television Academy. Several categories.

Student Broadcasting Internships

Emma L. Bowen Internships - Paid industry summer internships for minority students.

Student Scholarships

NAB Scholarship List- List of broadcast-related funding sources by National Association of Broadcasters

John Cannon Memorial Scholarship - National Television Academy's annual $40,000 scholarship.

Quick Software Reference

Vara Software - Makers of Wirecast, and Videocue. Mac OS X and Windows versions. Recommended by BSSD Student Broadcasting Team!

FlipQ - Teleprompter manufacturer PrompterPeople makes FlipQ Pro (Mac & Windows), and Presentation Prompter (Mac only).

Quick Equipment Reference

Prompter People- Not terribly expensive. Recommended on the RTNDF mail list.

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