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Standard in Kid Friendly Language

I can use four different kinds of technology with help.

Unpacked Standard

I can use a digital camera to take pictures.

I can upload files from an external hardrive

I can use a digital video camera to take video.

I can save a file unto a flash drive.

I can use a printer to print a document or pictures

I can turn on a printer, load paper into it, and general troubleshoot.

I can participate in a video conference.

I know that files or programas can be stored of external hard drives or flash drives

I know that video or pictures can be loaded onto a computer and changed.

I know that there is many forms of technology

I used the right technology for the work needed to be done.

Advanced I can use more than four types of technology.

Project suggestions

Video Conference

Students create a slide show

Students work as a class to create a movie

Science reports

Video history of village


Any style of presentation for a Social Studies content

A Multi-Standard/Multi-Content Area Science Fair Project (Includes L2-4)

Assessment Suggestions

Watch students as they participate in each project

Teacher leads projects that are technology based in other content area

Intergrate technology with all content areas


Link to a book (sorry, just the title) Using Digital Video Cameras in Science Classrooms

Digital Media

Digital Products in the Classroom

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