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Plants and Animals of the Bering Strait


A male moose weigh about 1,200-1,500 pounds and female weigh about 800-1,300 pounds. Moose have long legs and a drooping nose, a small tail, colored from golden brown to almost black. Only the bulls has antlers they get them when they are about six or seven years old. Calves are born mid of May or early June and can start taking solid food a few days after birth and weaned in the fall.

Moose can eat lots of willow leaves, pond weeds and grasses. Moose are killed by bears and wolves and sometimes humans for food. Their hide can be used for making clothes to use.The moose meat is good to eat, it can be dried. People also use the fat to make eskimo ice cream which is mixed with berries. The sinew on the legs can be made into thread for skin sewing, this is what ladies use for thread long ago.

Moose have to wander around all over the country for food and mate.

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