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Please provide a link to your blog followed by an in depth description of content material and connections to content areas/standards. Also, include who the administrators are for the site, who contributes to the site, and who will be the intended audience.

District Office

StraitTalk All BSSD staff, students, parents, participants, and friends are welcome to contribute to StraitTalk. This blog is meant to show off the best of BSSD to the rest of the state and world.

Student Activities Blog

The Student Activities Blog will be a clearinghouse for all things to do with student activities in BSSD. We will post forms and information, scores and standings, pictures and videos. We will have comment sections, trainings, and resource pages. This will be the place to find out anything and everything about all the athletic and academic activities in our great district. Visit us often.

Brevig Mission

Brevig Mission School's Main Site


Diomede School's Main Site

Diomede Student News Site



Gambell School Blog

Here is the Gambell School Blog. You will find school news, community happenings, and links to teacher blogs.

Gambell Student Publishing Blog

Here is the Gambell Publishing Blog for students Proficient or Advanced writing samples. Feel free to post your writing samples here!


Golovin's Main Blog

This blog provides information about Martin L. Olson School, upcoming important events, links to other important information about MLO schools, and links to student writing blogs. It will be viewed by the community, the school district, and the rest of the world. The teachers, parapros and principal will share vital information and upcoming events within the school and local community.

[Golovin's Writing Blog]

Golovin students will share their writing with the community, BSSD, and the world. They will write about different events, do school assignments, and summarize different activities they are participating in, either inside or outside of school. Specifically we will be addressing technology standards, writing standards, life skills standards, and cultural awareness standards. The levels covered are 3 - 9 in all of the standards.


Koyuk Blog

Created a school blog to provide a forum for teachers and students to communicate with the world. Here they can show the great work they are doing at all levels and in all content areas. Students are able to meet technology and other content standards while sharing their work with others.

The administrator of the blog is the school principal as well as the secondary writing teacher. Contributors to this site are the principal, teachers, students, and all who share and read the blog.

This blog is intended to grow and develop a life of its own and aid in developing the pride/self esteem of all whom are involved.

Erika's Classroom Blog This is Erika's Classroom blog. This blog is mainly used as a forum for communication between teacher and students. The site contains many links to useful videos and websites for students. It is occasionally used to chronicle the accomplishments of the students as well.

Malemute Musings Malemute Musings is maintained by teacher Jenna Counts.


Huskies Blog

Savoonga's writing blog led by Scott Herrmann's 21st Century tutoring class.

Savoonga School Blog

The Savoonga blog is designed to inform students, staff and the community of current events going on at Hogarth Kingeekuk, Sr., Memorial School.

Mr. Stark's Class/Savoonga inClass

The Savoong inClass is a weblog of our classroom activities. Students take the pictures and write a sentence or two about the pictures.


This website is the blog of the middle school writers in Heidi's class: Shaktoolik Writers

Here is the official Shaktoolik blog (to be updated soon!): Shaktoolik Site


Shishmaref School main blog site administered by Ken Stenek, Staff, students, parents, etc. will be able to contribute, post, and comment to the site. Posts provide information about school announcements, school activities, and more to come.

Ken Stenek's Science Blog site administered by Ken Stenek. Students can contribute posts, comments, and science information to the pages. The information on this site will help students by providing information regarding science content to help other studets to master the BSSD Science standards for levels 3-7. Students will be able to comment on how useful the information is and can add additional resources to help future students. Students will also be able to upload documents such as lab write ups or presentations that when published can help or inspire other students with project ideas or content information. This site is meant to be used by anyone who needs information to meet science content standards.

Birds of Shishmaref site administered by Ken Stenek. Students and guests can contribute posts, comments, photographs, and general information about the birds on Sarichef Island and surrounding areas. A species list of birds that have been positively identified can be found there as well as some information about the species of birds that use the area for breeding.

St. Michael


Tukurngailnguq School's Main Site


Teller blog site presently is designed for students to be able to post their work in all subject areas. We intend to have this as an interactive blog between students, teachers, parents, and others to display their work, edit it, receive assignments, show newsworthy events, show projects, and show progress on specific content areas. Our intended audience is Teller students and all students in the BSSD, and hopefully the parents/guardians of our students, along with all teachers and administrators.


Wolfpack on the Web: Student Work & Publishing Blog Welcome to the Wolfpack Publishing Blog. This site is dedicated to providing a real-life audience for the students of Unalakleet Schools. Any staff or students are welcome to publish any and all student work on this page. You are encouraged to share what is going on in your classroom(s), submit examples of student work, and most of all, you are encouraged to comment, share, give feedback, and otherwise help and encourage the students of Unalakleet Schools. Please be sure to categorize your posts by content area, level, and other important information so that others may use what you have contributed. Thank you, and happy blogging! -Site administrator and custodian: Janelle Snyder


Wales Blog

Wales blog will be starting out as a place that writing and reading students, grades 7 through 12 or levels 4-8, can post their writings for all audiences. Judy Standafer, JStandafer@waa.bssd.org, will be administrator for the site.

White Mountain

White Mountain Jr. High Blog

This blog is just being developed. It is currently in the exploration (whoops...what happened...how did I do that) stage.

In time, the goal is to provide students with an opportunity to share their educational successes and conquests, and how they achieved a level of proficiency within the myriad of standards required of them. These entries can be viewed at your leisure, with no specific expectations, however as students contribute over time, it should provide examples of student creativity in meeting standards in all areas. One specific area will be addressed consistently. Students will publish a weekly book review of the book they have been reading for their Reading Edge “read and respond” homework. This will be intended to share positive reading experiences and generate excitement among their peers.

Mike Skelton is the administrator of this site. White Mountain Junior High students will be the major contributers to this site. The intended audience is middle school teachers and students.


NACTEC blog site

This blog is for NACTEC students and staff to write about their experiences while at NACTEC.

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