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Excel Document of All Level 1 Standards

Level 1 Matrix

1.01 Lists positive/healthy free-time activities.

1.02 Identifies ways to make friends and keep them (e.g., honesty, inclusion, sharing, cooperation) and begins to identify helpful/harmful personal choices.

1.03 Practices using good manners (e.g., uses please, thank you, excuse me).

1.04 Participates in a simple class project that fosters an understanding of basic service ideas (e.g., cooperation, sharing, volunteering).

1.05 Knows local safety and emergency procedures (e.g., fire, cold weather, water safety principles).

1.06 Recognizes traits of good personal hygiene and nutrition.

1.07 Names harmful substances.

1.08 Practices fine and gross motor skills.

1.09 Identifies good/bad touches.

1.10 Demonstrates willingness to help when others are in need in group and individual settings (e.g., picks up after himself/herself, volunteers).

Level 1 Assessment

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